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Tournament info

What time do the games start each day? Where's the schedule?

The games start on Friday at 5 p.m. and run until 9. p.m. On Saturday morning, the games start at 8 a.m. and run until 6 p.m. On Sunday, the semis and the finals will take place starting at 10 a.m., ending at 2:30 p.m. The schedule can be found here. It will be live the week before the event or as soon as we have full draws, so be sure to register early!

How much does it cost to register a team?

It varies between sport and division. Check out the full list of prices here. There are early bird rates available so sign up as soon as you can. Right now, you can register for free, no commitment.

When's the registration deadline?

August 1, 2021. If you register before July 1, 2021, you're eligible for the early bird discount of 25%, so start organizing now!

Do we need to be early for the games?

Please show up 15 minutes before your game time so that we can run the tournament on schedule. Teams that arrive five minutes or more late will forfeit their game.

What are your COVID protocols?

See our COVID-19 Response page for all the details on what we're doing regarding COVID-19 and related safety protocols.

If AHS guidelines still prohibit team sports, what will happen?

If the AHS guidelines are still in place in September, we will cancel the event for the year. If you have already paid, we'll roll your entry fees over until next year or you can contact us for a refund. Because the situation changes daily, at this point, we're not sure when we'll be able to make the call, but we'll contact all registered or interested coaches and captains as soon as we do. If you're interested in registering for the tournament, but can't commit or aren't ready to pay, we encourage you to tentatively register here. This'll help us reach you with updates and it'll help us gauge interest.


What time can we start setting up for camping?

10 a.m. on Friday! First come, first served for campsite so get here early. All camping options will be subject to COVID-19 guidelines.

Can we bring pets?

No pets :( We love them, but to make sure we're not playing on a turf of turds we don't allow any pets.

What amenities do you have for campers?

If you're camping at Ellerslie, you have access to the Ellerslie Rugy Club facility which includes indoor showers and washrooms. There are no power hookups.

What if I don't want to camp?

Try one of our nearby partner hotels! We get group rates, so if camping's not your scene, we've got options for you.

What are my food options on-site?

We will have multiple vendors catering to everyone from the meat eater to the plant eater to the sweet tooth. Breakfast options will be served daily.

In light of COVID-19, are we still allowed to camp?

Right now, we can't predict what the COVID-19 restrictions will be so we can't say yes or no. We'll be updating this page with more information regarding camping closer to the event.


Can I come to the parties if I'm not playing?

Yes! We encourage everyone to come to the parties to experience the live music and festival feel.

Is there a theme for the Sunday party?

Why yes, yes there is. Cult Classics! What does that mean? Think of that movie that somehow grew a following for, seemingly, no reason. Are these good or do you love them for some other reason: Top Gun? Princess Bride? Pulp Fiction? Pick a cult and worship it.

In light of COVID-19, are the parties still happening?

Since the COVID guidelines and restrictions are changing all the time, we can't say right now. If there is any permitted and safe way to include the social side of this event, WE WILL DO IT. We will post updates here closer to the event date.

Sponsors + vendors

How do I offer services or sponsor this event?

Contact us! We'd love to hear your ideas and get you involved.

Can I become a vendor at this event (food, drink, etc.)?

You bet. Use the contact form and someone will be in touch with more information.

weekend guide


Rugby is for everyone! Bring the kids down to give them a chance to learn about a new sport. 


Make the most of your weekend. Pick a division, bring the right gear, go to the best parties.


Don't know much about rugby? Don't care. Everyone is welcome. 


Edmonton International Sevens, formerly known as Rugbyfest, is a new take on a long rugby tradition in Edmonton. Rugbyfest began in 1968 when a couple of players, Lynn Davies and David Graham, decided to organize a common function for the Edmonton teams that had individually hosted clubs from other provinces. Teams across Canada travel to Edmonton to play and participate in a weekend full of social events. The tournament has hosted teams from Winnipeg to Montana, to California, to Connecticut, to Ireland and Scotland. The tournament hosts over 75 men’s and women’s teams, playing rugby, reestablishing old friendships and making new ones.

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